“I would cite your strengths as “Integrity Plus”, …not only do you comply with local law, but you complied with the most stringent legal requirements imposed elsewhere in order to head off any potential legal challenges for the estate. Your exhaustive services have been noted and appreciated….your gross for the sale greatly exceeded all expectations…”
Victoria E.

 “We reviewed several auction companies. We were blessed to get you and your family to do our parents estate auction.  Your ability to plan and implement a very successful auction is excellent. Your care and knowledge of products that you are selling and administration of the auction is most appreciative.”
Donna M.

 “We were at first  skeptical about the Real Estate at auction for our mother’s Estate. Your company did an excellent job selling the real estate and getting a great price”.
Jack R.

“When my brother passed away, we were at a loss on how to sell his estate. Another auctioneer recommended you, which I thought was unique.  You did a real great job of planning, implementing and providing us with exceptional professional services. We thank you and your family”.
David V.

“We can not say enough about you and how your family handled all our mothers items and were able to get great prices. We were most pleased in how you used experts and resources to promote mom’s collectibles.  Thanks for your great service.”
Dr. Charles S.

 “My family really appreciated the efforts you and your family gave in selling our family home and heirlooms.  Your tireless efforts and dedication in helping us through the sale was greatly appreciated”.
William and Ethel S.

“Your companies ability to transfer property to money is real great.  Your family works with the public well and does a great job of using technology in your operations which really helps the seller”.
June and Steve G.

“Thanks Town and Country for a real excellent auction.  We are really pleased with the results”
Richard & Ann B.

 “Thanks for all the work you did at my auction. You did an great job of getting good prices for my property”
Marie B.

 “I can’t imagine a more skilled, honest and helpful professional than yourself.  I highly recommend you to anyone, but particularly to those who face adverse conditions in preparing their sale.”
Alice E.
(Personal Rep.)

 “You added so much to the fun and success of the day. All your efforts are greatly appreciated”.
Mike and Sheryl D.

 “Dick and I are most pleased with the price that you got for our stuff.”
Helen and Dick S.

 “Thank you for the wonderful auction. …Your auctioning skills played a significant part of our success”.
Marilee W.
(Developmental Coordinator)

“As a buyer of Antiques, I enjoy your auctions since you are prepared, honest and fun”.
John S.

“Due to our brothers death, Town and Country Auction Services stepped up and did an outstanding job of setting up the auction and getting the best prices and were excellent in record keeping”
Jim C.

“Lyle, you and your family are the greatest in your business.  Promoting our auction and your knowledge of marketing our items was outstanding. We really thank you guys”.
Jeff N.

 “I have recommended Town and Country Auctions’ as the top auction company in the area because they are dedicated, fair and honest in all their efforts”.
Dorothy L.