About Us


Wanless Auctions, Appraisals and Real Estate has over 25 years of service to families, courts, banks, attorneys, governmental units and others in appraisal and transfer of properties for cash. Our experiences in agriculture, business, education and appraising combine with continuing education, gives us an edge over our competitors in providing services. References and testimonials of success are always available regarding our service, efficiency, performance, and dedication to our profession as leaders.

Our family team is made up of several generations, which allow us diversification that gives new ideas, and dynamics, through new marketing approaches, efficiency, and financial results for your product. We do design projects with both the seller and buyers’ input the standards that provide qualitative peak performance.

The staffs Wanless Auction, Appraisal and Real Estate prioritize integrity as our foundation to success. Individual attentions to expectations are made honestly and fairly so that peak performance fosters relationships that can continue forever.

Our services are organized for success with total commitment to complete on time and respond through a moments notice. The advancement of technology with the use of computers, Internet, transportation, storage and other equipment provide the customer with meeting current markets. We work with each client on security, simplicity, and profitability so market achievement excellence is made.

Lyle Wanless, Ph.D, CAGA is a licensed Auctioneer and Real Estate Broker by the State of Wisconsin. Lyle has arranged and conducted a large number of auctions including; automotive, agriculture, antique, business, and real estate. As a Broker in real estate, he has been involved with several real estate transactions throughout Wisconsin. Lyle is has been an instructor at the University, elementary-secondary and technical colleges throughout Wisconsin and Missouri. As a member of the Guild, Lyle has conducted a large number of appraisals for the courts relative to business transactions, divorces, and others. He currently teaches the continuing education courses through the Wisconsin Auctioneers Association and does give presentations to members of the National Auctioneers Association. As the owner and president of Town and Country Auction, Appraisal and Real Estate, Lyle is a dedicated and a proud father, grandfather and community leader that places focus on human relations and embodies every person he meets with care and service to his country. His focus with the Auctioneering profession is “ mission, teamwork and individual responsibility for a strong organization”.

Ann Wanless is a licensed registered nurse who demonstrates leadership within the Oregon-Brooklyn Community. She is involved with the daily operations of the business and supervises the secretarial services. Ann works with registration, security, cashiering, and communications for Wanless Auctions. In her commitment to the Auction industry, Ann serves on the Ladies auxiliary at the State Wisconsin Auctioneers Association. As a professional health care provider, Mrs. Wanless assist many individuals with nutraceutical health care needs. Her dedication to the auction business is “to provide a service so others will want you to serve again”.

David Wanless has graduated with BS, MS and is completing his doctorial studies in areas of leadership management. His educational background and experiences brings a wealth of expertise to the industrial and business sector of the operation. His detail to specifications, standards, and measurement of production assists this organization in establishing quality and efficient service. Through using a team of experts and proven leaders of the auction trade, we succeed in achieving the highest return for the sellers.

Douglas T. Wanless is the driving force in the technological base for Town and Country Auction Services. Doug has degrees in Computer technology and computer systems applications. He along with his brother Dean work with our systems to be on the cutting edge of technology. Everything from inventory control, security, accounting, and network applications can be found at Town and Country Auctions. Because of the expertise of Doug and the Wanless family team we lead the way in the auction field.

Dean Wanless is a motivated team member who wears several hats. His auction ability in maintenance of our systems is exemplary. Dean has a BS and MS degree and brings a dimension of dynamics, innovative approaches and cost effective analysis to work with buyers and sellers in a competitive market place. In calling bids, Dean is concerned about integrity, fairness and sound decisions so property can be turned into positive cash flow while keeping bidders happy.